Yolanda Cash Jackson Receives League of Superheroes Award

Yolanda Cash JacksonYolanda Cash Jackson, shareholder in our Ft. Lauderdale and Tallahassee offices, was inducted for the third year into the Children of Inmates League of Superheroes class. At a May 2, 2017, press conference in the State Capitol Rotunda, Ms. Cash Jackson was recognized for her heroic efforts on behalf of the Children of Inmates program, having guided legislative efforts to procure $1.2 million in state appropriations for the program over three years.

Children of Inmates is a Florida 501c3 nonprofit organization committed to providing comprehensive care coordination and bonding opportunities for children throughout the state affected by parental incarceration. The Children of Inmates service model includes three activities: 1) wrap-around case management 2) advocacy and public awareness and 3) quarterly child-centered bonding visits. Children of Inmates has coordinated over 500 quarterly bonding visits to over 22 Florida Department of Corrections facilities, impacting nearly 4,500 children and over 2,000 incarcerated parents.

Quick to recognize the impact of the organization and the need for children throughout Florida to access its services, Ms. Jackson urged Children of Inmates to seek appropriations in the State of Florida annual budget. Her third-year induction into League of Superheroes designates her as a Justice League Junior, the only non-elected, non-government official to be so recognized.

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