Donna DiMaggio Berger on ABC's Channel 10 News


Condo and association law shareholder Donna DiMaggio Berger was interviewed by Channel 10 News for a story that aired on last night’s broadcast. The piece covered issues around the recently vetoed legislation in Florida that would have allowed older high-rise condominiums to opt out of a fire sprinkler installation requirement. Donna told Channel 10 that if the conclusion is ultimately reached that opting out of sprinklers is not an option, a task force should be set up to give condo owners and associations the time and resources to comply with the law.  

Becker & Poliakoff successfully lobbied on behalf of community associations to pass the opt-out bill in 2017. We will again advocate for legislation that passes an opt-out provision for fire safety sprinkler systems next session. Please email us at if you or your association would like to join the effort.


Click here to watch the Channel 10 News segment.